About Older People and Housing Action

Older People and Housing Action encourages and supports action by older people’s groups to improve housing and related services for an ageing population across England.

It offers information, intelligence and resources on housing issues including a ‘good ideas’ checklist on housing action

It enables older people to exchange ideas and information about housing action and its impact.

Click to download our Housing Manifesto Housing champions Housing Manifesto Final 2017

Click here to go to Housing Action Blog Updates

Click here to find out more about the Older People’s Housing Champions

Click to see the infographic setting out key facts and figures about housing, health and ageing Infographic-final

Click to see our views submitted to the Local Government Association’s (LGA) Commission on Housing Older Peoples Housing Champions Submission LGA Housing Commission 24 Feb 16 The LGA Housing Commission report can be found here

Click to download the More than Bricks and Mortar brochure: more_than_bricks_and_mortar_may_2013


One Response to About Older People and Housing Action

  1. marjory broughton says:

    Excellent. Housing is at the centre of life especially older people.

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