Housing Action by Older People’s Groups in Slough and London

The Slough 50plus Forum and Care & Repair England, with initial input from the South East Forum on Ageing (SEEFA), started an internal discussion with Forum members to reflect on what is important about housing in later life. The forum group discussed the “meaning of home” and some members created personalised Digital Stories to “bring to life” their experiences.

In London, Care and Repair England worked with Positive Ageing in London to highlight the views and experiences of older Londoners who have had home adaptations carried out to their homes, highlighting what worked well for them as well as possible improvements. Two focus groups were carried out in April & May 2019, one of the groups including older residents from across the London Boroughs, and the other group included older residents based in the London Borough of Hackney.

The reports from London and Slough can be found here. The Slough report contains links to the personalised Digital Stories.

These reports sit alongside the work of the Older People’s Housing Champions Group on developing their Ideas for Action* guides working with local older people’s groups and organisations across England. In London and Slough older people have come together to influence housing policy and plans locally- the reports highlight their key recommendations.    

These reports also highlight pioneering ways to engage with older people whose voices are less often heard.

If you are taking any local action on housing and ageing, we would love to hear from you.

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