Updated resources for local action

Our resources page and our summary of local action undertaken by the housing champions has been updated

If you are taking local action on housing do let us know.

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Updated self-help guides on Making your home a better place to live with a long-term condition

Care & Repair England, working with Silverlinks, has updated its range of self-help guides for older people with long term conditions and their carers on making their home a better place to live.

There are six guides covering respiratory, macular and heart disease, dementia, stroke and arthritis; and a general online guide for people with long term conditions.

Each guide advises on what people can do to their home to make living with long term conditions more manageable. They look at areas such as: –

  • design and layout
  • lighting and heating
  • safety, security and technology
  • gadgets and equipment
  • going out and about

The aim is to make life easier so that people can continue to live independently and do the things they want to do.

The guides also describe the range of alternative housing options and offer suggestions about where to find more detailed information, advice and help.

These guides can be accessed on the Silverlink’s Information for Older People page.

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New case studies that integrate health, care and housing to support older people at home

With support from the Quality of Life Charitable Trust, Care & Repair England has published case studies identifying work that prevents hospital admission and delayed transfers of care, reduces the risk of admission to residential care and extends independent living and wellbeing for older people at home and their carers.

The case studies are:

  • Age UK Nottingham & Nottinghamshire Silverlink’s housing options information and advice service in GP services and hospitals
  • Age UK Warwickshire Housing Advice and Information Service, working with local GPs
  • Homewise Memory Matters support for people with dementia at home
  • West of England Care & Repair reducing delayed transfer of care through housing interventions

See Care & Repair England’s health and housing pages for details

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Linking housing and health – Much more to do

Two new resources on health and housing links have recently been published.

A survey from Care & Repair England identifies that housing gets hardly a mention in the recent NHS Sustainability and Transformation plans.

Public Health England offers a range of resources including some  useful infographics to make the case for improving health through the home.

We certainly still have a lot to do to get housing on the health agenda.

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Integration into action: an evaluation of Age UK Warwickshire’s housing options service

This evaluation report about provision of impartial information and advice about housing, care and related finance in later life, provides analysis of the benefits, including the cost benefits, of the service delivered to older people by Age UK Warwickshire.

The initiative is of particular relevance due to its activity at the interface of health, housing and care and the way that the service operated as part of a pro-active GP Care Navigators initiative. This Care Navigators scheme, funded by Clinical Commissioning Groups, pro-actively contacted and visited all people over 75 yrs, particularly focussing on those with multiple long term health conditions / with indicators of high health need.

The housing options additional service was made possible through the EAC FirstStop national programme and the evaluation demonstrates the critical importance of including housing help as part of a holistic response, noting in particular the £8 payback for every £1 spent.


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Ageing Well: A Housing Manifesto

The Older People’s Housing Champion’s network has produced its Housing Manifesto which includes ten recommendations that we believe are important for all working in housing, health and care to ensure that all older people have access to a decent home in later life. They are:
1. Home adaptations assistance should be mandatory, delivered quickly, efficiently and be a core part of future integrated health, social care and housing systems.
2. There should be nationwide provision of practical, affordable housing repair and adaptation services – including home improvement agencies and handyperson services for older people in all housing sectors.
3. Small “healthy at home” grants or low cost loans for essential repairs and improvements (including heating systems) should be made available for disadvantaged older people, resulting in benefits both for individuals and society.
4. Local authority house condition audits should be re-introduced alongside private sector housing renewal programmes to tackle disrepair and prevent existing housing stock decline.
5. Build all ordinary housing for all ages – all new homes should be built to accessible standards and be suitable for further adaptation.
6. Build more innovative mainstream housing of a design and size that is particularly suitable for later life.
7. Build a wider range of specialist and supported housing for those with later life care and support needs.
8. A national source of independent, specialist, housing, care and finance information, combined with impartial local one-to-one advice and support, is urgently needed for older people, their carers and professionals.
9. A register of accessible, adaptable housing would help people locate suitable homes quickly when their needs change.
10. Older people – experts through experience – need to be engaged and involved in developing and delivering housing strategies and solutions for later life at all levels locally and nationally.
In our view home is the hub of life. Living independently in a home of their choice is the simple aspiration of most older people. We want to work to see this a reality.

Housing champions Housing Manifesto Final 2017

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DCLG Inquiry on housing for older people publishes responses

For all responses to the DCLG Select Committee Inquiry on Housing for Older People see http://www.parliament.uk/business/committees/committees-a-z/commons-select/communities-and-local-government-committee/inquiries/parliament-2015/inquiry7/publications/

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Getting Older – a New Experience West Midlands Later Life Forum report

The West Midlands Later Life Forum, chaired by Anne Bailey who is also our housing champion in the W Midlands, launched this new report on 22 March 2017 on how ageing affects individuals and the wider society – called ‘Getting Older – a New Experience’,

It has been produced though gaining the views of older people and identifies a lot of ‘food for thought’ on a whole range of issues which impact on our society including housing.



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Update on housing and health issues

The White Paper on housing, published on 7 Feb, asks for responses by 7 May. Click here for early comments from Care & Repair England on what is says about older people. Click here for the White Paper. With some mention of older people this is a great opportunity to set out your concerns and ideas.

In the meantime two reports have recently been published by the Local Government Association and  the Kings Fund which have analysed the 44 health Sustainability and Transformation plans. Both reports offer an opportunity to assess how these are developing. Many do mention the role of housing in health though local actions on housing are less clear.

In the meantime you might like to read Sue Adam’s blog on the link between housing and health. The Housing White Paper and the developing Sustainability and Transformation plans both offer opportunities to promote these links.




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Inquiry into supply of housing for older people

An Inquiry has been launched by the Department of Communities and Local Government Select Committee into the supply of housing for older people.

Written submissions are welcome with a deadline of 24 March 2017.

More details at http://www.parliament.uk/business/committees/committees-a-z/commons-select/communities-and-local-government-committee/inquiries/parliament-2015/inquiry7/

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